We believe that every child learns and develops in his or her own time and manner. It is of great importance to our centre that the children feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. In order for this to be achieved, we believe that it is imperative to create a holistic and inclusive atmosphere for the children, families and community at our centre.

We believe in an open door policy and discrimination-free environment that celebrates multiculturalism.

We believe that being genuinely passionate for the well-being of children is of the utmost significance.

Young children are constantly learning through their senses, by exploring and discovering the world around them. We believe in allowing children to mature by nurturing and encouraging their natural instincts.

We are strong advocates in supporting a child’s right to learn through play. Our centre will revolve around a child directed emergent curriculum that is supported by teachers. Children deserve to be valued and respected for their uniqueness. We believe in guiding children based on their own thoughts and ideas. By following the lead of child originated concepts, children have the freedom to learn without restrictions.

We trust in the importance of developing a child socially, emotionally and intellectually. Therefore, we want to offer a space for children to be creative, imaginative and cooperative. We will create a learning environment with projects that challenge and foster growth. Our program will promote the success in each child, which is honored by the process of learning and growth as opposed to mastery. Our goal is to help children at our centre build internal confidence, create social relationships and strengthen his/her cognitive learning. We hope to learn alongside children by inspiring a program that encompasses acceptance, diversity and compassion.