Ms. Caitlin Ma (Director) – ECE/ITE/SNE

Long before I even went to school for ECE I was always involved with children in my life whether it be through babysitting or teaching at my church. Before I studied to become an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), I obtained my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology at Simon Fraser University. I began the ECE program in the summer of 2012 and started working as a part time assistant at Coquitlam River Childcare. During my last practicum at Cefa Kingsway I was hired and worked there for two years. At Cefa I was recognized as the teacher of the year for 2014. In 2015 I decided to open up a home daycare and that is how Chee in a Tree came to be. I completed my Infant Toddler in 2018 and Diverse Abilities certification in 2019.

I am an Early Childhood Educator because I have a passion to work alongside children, discovering new ideas and activities together. I love my career and find it very rewarding witnessing children become confident in things they learn. I believe in investing time in children and helping them develop their fullest potential. I hope to be able to encourage each child’s individuality and help them strengthen their self-esteem.

I love children and truly have a heart to encourage and inspire them to grow, learn and explore.

Ms. Queenie Yu (Manager-938 West 52) – ECE/ITE

From volunteering at summer camps to babysitting, I have always had an interest in caring for children. I loved playing with children, but when I began pursuing a career in ECE, I discovered my passion for working with children and nurturing their potential. In 2019, I received a Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education. My time studying at Capilano University has taught me so much about children and childhood that I hope to display in my practice.

I believe children are unique, competent, and imaginative. They approach the world with a curiosity and wonder that we often lose as adults. Children have a hundred languages (read the poem: “100 languages” by Loris Malaguzzi) in which they use to communicate their thoughts, opinions, and theories. In their play, children learn and develop knowledge about the world around them. I love working with children because when we take the time to listen to them, to their verbal and non-verbal languages, we can discover new and fascinating things about the world and about each other. In fact, we have a lot to learn from and with children and I am passionate about making that learning visible.

“A hundred, always a hundred ways of listening, of marveling, of loving. A hundred joys for singing and understanding. A hundred worlds to discover, a hundred worlds to invent, a hundred worlds to dream. The child has a hundred languages” – Loris Malaguzzi

Ms. Talia Ronen (Educator- 6821 Fremlin & 938 West 52) – ECE/ITE

I’m Talia and I’m so excited to be joining the Chee in a Tree daycare family! When I was 9, I was dubbed the “neighbourhood babysitter” and have been caring for children ever since. In 2008 I became a qualified early childhood educator and have had the privilege of working alongside many talented educators over the last 10+ years.

While I love working with all age groups, I have a passion for and a deep connection to the under 3 age group. There is something incredibly special about watching a baby who is 100% dependent on a caregiver transform into a unique, independent, and capable little person in such a short amount of time (and the cuddles can’t beat)! I believe children deserve a space that will allow them to be curious, playful, respected, encouraged, silly, and their true selves. As an educator it’s important to know when to be right in the middle of the action and when to step back giving children the freedom to explore and experiment on their own. As Froebel said, “play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

Outside of work I have the honour of raising my own little human, a funny and sweet five-year-old boy!  As a working parent I know how challenging it can be to entrust your child to the care of someone else, so creating strong and trusting bonds with families is always a top priority for me. I look forward to building these connections with each family!

Ms. Eva Li (Educator- 6821 Fremlin & 938 West 52) – ECE

I am Eva, an Early Childhood Educator! I have always enjoyed working with children, however, I never thought about turning this experience into a career. While I was trying to figure out my future, my friend told me about the ECE program he was in. I was curious and after seeing some of the work he had done I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more. I received my ECE at MTI Community College; learning so much and visiting different centres helped me gain new knowledge. As time went on, I knew I wanted to continue in this field. Working in this field, many things are unexpected; there will be good days as well as tough days, but in the end, I am very happy that I’m able to do something that I love every day. 


I find it extremely rewarding that I can teach children and see the application in their everyday life. The proud faces they make when they have accomplished something they were working on also makes me very proud. As an educator, I not only teach but am able to learn from them as we are all co-learners. I love being able to see their growth, explore, and gain experience.     


I am excited to meet everyone and to continue my path as an ECE at Chee in a Tree!

Ms. Debra Browne (Educator- 6821 Fremlin & 938 West 52) – ECE

My name is Debra Browne and I am from Calcutta, India. I came to Canada 20 years ago. I have over 20 years of teaching experience with children from 5 months to 11 years old. I graduated from MTI Community College as an Early Childhood Educator in 2007. I have worked as a Montessori, Pre-school and Daycare teacher, which has given me great pleasure to learn and watch children grow and develop into fine young citizens of Canada.

I consider myself to be loving, caring, organized, flexible, honest, hardworking, with excellent communication skills with children and adults.

I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, cooking, walking, helping others and  spending time with my family and friends on the weekends and social gatherings.

I am very blessed and privileged to work for Chee in a Tree Daycare, where I can share my knowledge, education and experience.


ivy headshot 1
Ms. Ivy Wan (Assistant Educator- 6821 Fremlin & 938 West 52) – ECEA
I have always enjoyed being around children and watching them learn. I have been working as a medical office assistant for over 25 years during weekdays, but on evenings and weekends I have helped take care of many children through church programs and classes. I’ve volunteered in Mexico and Panama multiple times, working with young children at English camps.
Children bring me so much joy and I am so thrilled to be helping out at Chee in a Tree.
Ms. Samantha Chow (Assistant Educator- 6821 Fremlin & 938 West 52) – ECEA
I’m Samantha, and I am happy to be joining the community at Chee in a Tree! I have been working with children of all ages for over 10 years in a wide range of categories including music, academic activities, and physical activities. My favorite outcome of participating in these activities is always the joy felt by the children as they learn something new or obtain a new memory that they will be able to cherish. When the children smile, that happiness spreads towards all those around them.
I am in the process of completing courses for ECE certification after finishing my BA in psychology, and I look forward to applying all that I have read combined with my previous experiences.

I look forward to learning alongside the children and community, building more memories, and supporting everyone as we individually grow to be our own unique person.